Pomegranate juice is well known for its heart health benefits, lowering blood pressure and supporting heart health in other ways.

A meta-analysis of eight randomized placebo-controlled trials on pomegranate juice found that it significantly lowered systolic blood pressure regardless of how long or how much pomegranate juice was consumed. Diastolic blood pressure (the bottom number) is harder to move, but eight ounces of pomegranate juice a day did the trick.

The polyphenols in pomegranate juice may also help keep carotid arteries clear and improve blood flow to the heart. These ruby red arils may also slow the progression of prostate cancer and help you maintain a healthy weight.

With so many good reasons to enjoy fresh pomegranate juice, are you ready for a delicious sparkling juice recipe?

The following recipe includes instructions for making one 16-ounce juice beverage and storing the remaining juice for the next day. This is appropriate if you are using a slow or masticating juicer that minimizes oxidation. Cut the recipe ingredients in half if you are making juice in a centrifugal juicing machine. Juices made in these machines should be consumed immediately or shortly thereafter.
Pomegranate Citrus Juice with Sparkling Spring in a glassWater

Heart Healthy Sparkling Pomegranate Citrus Sipper

Yield: ~ Two 16-ounce juice beverages


1 fresh pomegranate
1 pink or red grapefruit
2 medium oranges
Sparkling spring water


To make the pomegranate juice, remove the arils from a fresh pomegranate. I use the water bowl method. Score the fruit on the blossom end and submerge in a bowl of water as you open the fruit and gently remove the arils. The pieces of white membrane will float to the top and you and can easily skim them off and remove them with your hand or a fine mesh sieve. Never juice the root, stem or peel as they contain poisons and should not be eaten.

Run the arils through your juicing machine. With a slow juicer, you should get about 8 ounces of juice from 1 pomegranate. Pour 4 ounces into a juice glass and store the rest in a small 4-ounce ball jar, or vacuum seal in a larger jar for use later. You can also freeze the remainder in an ice-cube tray and add it to other juices.

Remove the very outer colored part of the rind of the grapefruit and oranges, retaining the white pith. Cut into sections and feed them through your juicing machine. You should have about 16 ounces of juice. Transfer 8 ounces to your juice glass and stir with the pomegranate juice to combine. Store the remaining 8 ounces in an 8-ounce ball jar filled to the rim or vacuum seal in a larger jar for the next day.

Top your juice with about 4 ounces of sparkling water.  Enjoy!

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