One of my family’s favorite green juices is a pineapple kale cucumber juice. Pineapple has so many health benefits! Here’s why pineapple juice is an excellent ingredient for your green juices.

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The enzyme bromelain is primarily found in the stem or core. Bromelain has anti-inflammatory properties that can reduce swelling and bruising, and can reduce pain caused by osteoarthritis.

It’s also a scavenger enzyme that can help remove damaged cells, and studies show that it may help fight cancer.

Pineapple juice aids digestion, reducing bloating and constipation, and can help treat ulcerative colitis.

Most people don’t eat the core or stem, so juicing it is an excellent way to get this enzyme into your diet.


This essential trace mineral is important for healthy skin and bones, cartilage formation and glucose tolerance. A cup of cubed pineapple delivers almost a full day’s recommended amount of manganese.

Manganese helps activate one of the most powerful antioxidant enzymes ever studied, superoxide dismutase. This antioxidant helps protect your body from cellular damage caused by free-radicals.


Pineapple provides vitamin C which promotes heart health and eye health.

And of course, there are other vitamins and trace minerals that promote health and make pineapple a terrific choice for sweetening your vegetable juices.

Pineapple Kale Cucumber Juice Recipe

Makes three 16-oz juices

3/4 medium pineapple
3 large cucumbers
1 bunch kale
1 lemon
1-3″ ginger

Cut the ingredients to fit your juicing machine. Alternate the produce as you make your juice. Enjoy!

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Pineapple Kale Cucumber Juice Recipe