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Are you frustrated with your efforts to lose weight and keep it off?

Are you concerned about developing a serious condition if you don’t take action now to lose weight, or lower your cholesterol or blood pressure?

Are you curious about how a diet and lifestyle focused on whole plant foods and delicious fresh juices can dramatically (and quickly) improve your health?

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Stephanie Leach, H.C.

Certified Health Coach, AADP
Certified Juice Therapist, CMA

What Others Are Saying


“It felt great to talk to someone who knows the current issues we face as families trying to eat healthy and stay active. It has helped me renew my focus to provide healthy meals for myself and family.  Even though we are all busy, our health is so important, and having this [call] was so encouraging!”

Stephanie Brown

“Stephanie is an amazing listener. She asked important questions and listened to me until she understood what my personal, specific challenges and needs were. She also helped me feel that my goals were achievable and guided me in knowing how best to look at those goals in a realistic, sustainable way. I really appreciated her kind, approachable nature.”

Suzanne D.