Is it time for CHANGE?

If you are done with worrying about your health (and ready to take action to get healthy from the inside out.)

If you are wanting blood work test results that make you and your doctor smile (instead of avoiding or dreading going for a checkup.)

If you want an energized life full of fun and enjoyment (instead of a future of unnecessary pills and procedures)

I am here to tell you that . . .

It IS possible to get healthy once and for all, without tediously counting calories or points, or going hungry.

It IS possible to lower your cholesterol or blood pressure naturally and reduce or eliminate reliance on medications.

It IS possible to create an energized, healthy life you love. 

With your FORK and a STRAW.

I’m Stephanie Leach, a Certified Health Coach and Certified Juice Therapist.

But I wasn’t always healthy. I worked a high-stress sales job that required lots of “windshield time” (and lots of fast food drive-thru’s.)

My day was a caffeine and sugar roller coaster ride, with lots of saturated fat and cholesterol greasing the rails.

I had gained some weight and was dealing with some serious and embarrassing health issues, like bloating, chronic constipation, hair loss and skin problems.

I was stressed out and so tired at the end of the day that I couldn’t give my family the time and attention they deserved.

Something had to change.

I began studying nutrition and experimenting to find out what worked.

Eventually, I discovered a formula for easy weight loss that I could maintain, and a healthy body full of energy.

The Formula?

(Hint: It wasn’t exercising my heart out or 300-calorie chicken dinners.)

It was nourishing my body with daily fresh vegetable and fruit juices and whole plant foods.

When you fuel your body with the nutrient-dense food it is craving, it will reward you by shedding pounds effortlessly, balancing your blood work, and giving you all the energy you need.

I now help my clients achieve the same results by working with them 1-on-1 in my 6-Week Juicy Plant-Based KickStart program.

This program is adopt a nutrient-dense whole food, plant-based diet and lifestyle that includes fresh, raw juice for optimal nutrition. It’s the perfect way to KickStart your new healthy lifestyle.

No supplements. No high-intensity workouts. No calorie-counting.

Just the power of PLANTS.

I have seen too many people use long drawn-out, difficult juice fasts as just another yo-yo diet. They lose a bunch of weight only to regain it all when they return to their old way of eating after the fast.

By juicing the right way, with low glycemic green juices as part of your daily meal plan, you get more nutrition with fewer calories.  Your body will put all of that goodness to work, gently detoxifying your body and helping you shed pounds and get your bloodwork in range.

You won’t feel hungry or deprived. 

You’ll be setting a solid foundation for your new plant-based lifestyle. 

Here’s what’s included in your program:

There are two payment options for this investment in your health.

2 Monthly Payments of


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“Before working with Stephanie I had tried a number of cleanses and diets, including Whole 30, in an effort to lose weight, reduce painful arthritis, and resolve my digestive complaints. I had long wanted to try a vegan diet, but the idea of totally changing the way I cooked and using unfamiliar ingredients was frustrating. Stephanie made it easy! She was very helpful in advising me which stores had the best prices, where to look in the aisles for certain products, and sending me vegan recipes for foods I craved.  I was surprised by the variety that eating whole food, plant-based offers. Previously, going plant-based did not sound all that appealing, as sitting down to a plate of vegetables didn’t sound good and they made my stomach hurt. But now I can eat vegetables with NO stomach pain. Within the first week of juicing and eating more plant-based, I was sleeping better and had less joint pain. By the time I went on vacation a month later, I was able to walk 8 miles in a day and stand for long periods of time – something I never could have done before! The pain in my joints and feet that had been a holding me back for years is now nearly completely gone and I’m sleeping better than I have in years. I have learned to cook whole food, plant-based meals that satisfy my cravings. Stephanie was very supportive and helpful throughout the program.  Friends are noticing my weight loss, and I am confident that I now have the knowledge and skills to continue losing weight in order to meet my goal. Thanks, Stephanie!
Michelle F.

Since working with Stephanie, I feel healthier, I sleep better, my skin is clearer and my stomach is flatter. I have learned how to shop for and cook whole food, plant-based meals. She helped me find the way of eating that will help me stop “yo-yo dieting” and avoid type 2 diabetes. Stephanie is very patient, knowledgeable and really, really helped me out. She was there whenever I needed her. She really does care about her clients.”

Evangeline M.

“Working with Stephanie was a great experience for me as I was lacking energy in my daily life and was going through skin/hair fall issues.  During our 6-week together, Stephanie supported and encouraged me as I transitioned to the WFPB lifestyle.  Our weekly calls addressed the specific issue/need that I was facing and she will promptly provide me with nutrition information, resources and recommendations accordingly.  She is an extremely knowledgeable and very calm person.  I feel very confident as I am working towards my goal to eat a healthy plant-based diet.  I enjoyed my sessions with Stephanie and would highly recommend her for any health and wellness issues.”


“After working with Stephanie, I have lost 6 pounds and have more energy. I feel more alert and stronger. I haven’t gotten sick, while my coworkers have caught the latest thing going around. I still eat some animal products, but much, much less. I feel better juicing and eating plant-based. I have learned a lot about myself, juicing and plant-based nutrition, and I can go forward from here. The materials and resources that Stephanie provided were second to none. I had a lot of life disruptions during the program, and I greatly appreciated her outstanding coaching and encouragement.”

Rochelle S.

With Stephanie’s support I was able to work through several aspects of my goals, create an easy and achievable plan, and in the end, a daily pattern I can follow without hesitation and lose weight. After working with Stephanie, I lost weight, had more energy, more confidence, and a clear understanding of what works for me, my body, and what I can achieve. I would not have been able to get the same results without her program.

Julie S.

This program is for you if you are:

  • Done with dieting and ready for a new lifestyle that will help you meet your health goals quickly.
  • Motivated to commit to 6 weeks of self-care and ultimate nutrition so you can shed those stubborn pounds, lower your cholesterol/blood pressure, eliminate painful inflammation, and discover amazing energy.
  • Positive and coach-able  with a “can do” attitude and a willingness to try new foods and explore plant-based eating.
  • Able to see private health coaching as the valuable investment in your health that it is. Good health and energy is priceless!

This program is not for:

  • Women or men that just want another diet or that know they will not follow through.
  • Women or men that would prefer to do their own research and spend years figuring out how to do it themselves (I did this for you already!)
  • Women or men that are happy with their current body and don’t really feel they need to do something now to take control of their health.

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