How to Overcome Overwhelm When Going Plant-Based

A growing number of individuals are adopting a whole food, plant-based lifestyle. The effectiveness of this way of eating to prevent and reverse chronic conditions and achieve a healthy body and weight - without drugs and their unwanted side-effects - is nothing short of amazing.  Some people make the transition to a plant-based diet practically [...]

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Juicing and Travel: 4 Ways to Maintain Your Daily Juice Practice

Drinking a fresh juice each day as part of a whole food, plant-based lifestyle is a delicious way to ensure maximum nutrition for a healthy body full of energy. You may have already established your daily juice practice, or you may be striving to stick with this new healthy habit. When you are at home, [...]

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BBQ Tempeh Ranch Salad

This tasty salad features tempeh, a traditional soy food that’s been around since about the 12th or 13th century - tried and true. It’s made from whole, naturally fermented soy beans, so it’s easy to digest and high in protein (16 grams in a 3 oz. serving), fiber (7 grams) and vitamins. Like tofu, it [...]

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How to Start Juicing: Goal Setting and Guidance

You’ve bought a juicer and unpacked it. You have some fruit and vegetables. You can’t wait to start juicing! But what should you make first? What’s the best way to get started? The answer depends on your goal. If you skip this step, your juicer may end up collecting dust in the back of your [...]

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General Tso’s Stir Fry

Love a good stir-fry? Me too. There’s something special about crisp-tender veggies, glistening in a sweet and savory sauce, heaped onto a bed of nutty brown rice. This recipe uses seitan in place of chicken. If you aren’t familiar with this vegan meat replacement, it is made from vital wheat gluten, the primary protein in [...]

Are Green Juices a Healthy Part of a Plant-Based Diet?

For every blog post you’ve read on the benefits of juicing, you’ve probably seen another advising caution. Strangely, some of the juicing naysayers are leaders and organizations promoting a plant-based diet for optimal health. This leads to unnecessary confusion about the health benefits of juicing as part of a whole food, plant-based diet and lifestyle. [...]

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Liquid Sunshine Goji Berry Juice {VIDEO}

This delicious juice uses a stellar superfood ingredient. The goji berry. This little berry boasts the highest antioxidant level of any plant food, with an ORAC score of 25,000. (Compare that to blueberries at around 14,000.) Why is this important? Antioxidants are plant compounds that fight free radicals that damage DNA, causing disease and oxidative [...]

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Not-Chicken Green Chile Enchiladas

One of my favorite meals is green chile chicken enchiladas. Before I went plant-based, they were usually the standard chicken and sour cream filled flour or corn tortillas, smothered in salsa verde and a layer of gooey, melted Monterrey jack cheese. Not so healthy. Fortunately, I have a new whole food, plant-based chicken enchilada recipe [...]

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A Surprising Cancer-Fighting Vegetable

On the “veggie tray” at gatherings, it’s the vegetable that’s usually leftover. The one that gets eaten last, if at all, when its more colorful veggie partners are long gone. Yet this humble looking vegetable is a nutrient-packed “cancer-fighting superfood.” What is it? It’s CELERY! Yes, celery is more than a scoop for dip or [...]

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Oil-Free Whole Grain Skillet Cornbread [Plant-Based, Vegan]

My family will tell you that when it comes to cornbread, I am serious. I love cornbread! Real cornbread. Not that "from a box" stuff. It has to be moist, flavorful, and not too sweet. It also has to be plant-based and oil-free. This recipe is my all-time favorite.  It combines cornmeal with whole wheat pastry flour [...]

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