This twist on the classic A-B-C juice (apple-beet-carrot) is designed to fuel your workout, hike or run. The ingredients have many health benefits, but here is how they will support your energy, endurance and hydration while you sweat it out, step it up or power on.

Beet Juice for Endurance

Beets contain nitrate which your body converts to nitric oxide. Nitric oxide improves blood flow and lung function, which sends more oxygen to your working muscles. The result is strengthened muscle contractions and improved endurance.

Apples and Carrots for Energy

Apple juice and carrot juice is primarily fructose and glucose, simple carbohydrates that will provide quick energy for your body and brain.

Celery and Cucumber Juice for Electrolytes and Hydration

The combination of celery juice and cucumber juice provide balanced electrolytes, and the structured water in these high-volume vegetables helps nutrients enter your cells faster. Structured water is twice as hydrating as tap water.

Ginger & Lemon for Flavor

The small amount of ginger and lemon in this juice is primarily there to brighten and add a pop of flavor.

Apple Beet Carrot Cucumber Celery Juice Recipe

Pre-Workout Apple Beet Carrot Energizer Juice

Makes about 32 ounces

1 medium beet, peeled if desired
1 large cucumber
4-6 carrots (I used a mix of orange and purple)
3-4 small apples
1-inch piece ginger
½ lemon
4-6 celery ribs

Cut the produce to fit your juicing machine’s feed tube. Alternate ingredients finishing with celery, apple or cucumber. Because celery varies widely in size and juice volume, use enough celery for the balance of the 32 ounces.

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