This beautiful red juice is a classic. Apples, beetroot and carrots make a lip smacking combo that is sure to stay in high rotation on your juicing menu. The addition of fresh ginger and some lemon give it that special zing with each nourishing sip.

Apple Juice Benefits

I generally choose a crisp red organic apple for this juice, generally a Pink Lady or Honeycrisp. The polyphenols in red apple skins are different from green apples, so it’s good to vary your apples in the juices you make.  Fresh, raw apple juice has about the same glycemic load as a whole apple, so you don’t need to fear the fruit sugar. The pectin and soluble fiber in the juice help balance blood sugar and lower cholesterol.

Beet Juice Benefits

I use a red beet for this juice, and I always peel my beets. In the past, when would leave the skins on, the juice tasted rather “earthy” and I didn’t enjoy it as much. A peeled beet creates a much better tasting juice in my opinion. If you aren’t used to beet juice, start with 1/2 a 3″ beet and work your way up to a whole beet. Beet juice is a powerful blood and liver cleanser. It also improves stamina, great for a workout, hike or trail run.

Carrot Juice Benefits

The healing properties of carrot juice is well documented. Carrot juice has been used to fight all kinds of cancers. If you want mind-blowing, scientifically supported information on carrot juice, read the book Curing Cancer with Carrots by Ann Cameron. It is well researched and well written. Carrot juice is also beneficial for healthy eyesight, teeth, gums and bones. The high carotenoids, beta-carotene, and lutein lower your risk of heart disease.

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Classic A-B-C Juice Recipe

4-6 large carrots
One 3″ beet
1-2 red apples
1″ ginger
1/2 lemon

Scrub your produce well under running water. Cut to the desired size for your juicer. Alternate ingredients through your juicing machine, finishing with apple. Makes about 16 oz.