Fruits and Vegetables – Are You Getting Enough Variety?

It’s easy to get into a dietary rut. Even when we are trying to get more fruits and vegetables into our diet, we can end up eating and juicing the same limited number of ingredients. In one survey, half of all fruit consumption was made up of just 6 foods: orange juice, apple juice, bananas, [...]

Fresh Juice – Can it Meet All Your Nutritional Needs?

I try to drink a fresh juice every day. Why? Regularly flooding our bodies with nutrition-packed fresh juice is one of the most reliable methods for staying energized, and for achieving and maintaining a healthy weight and vitality as we age. Fresh juice is an exceptional liquid multivitamin. Juice is rich in vitamins, minerals, enzymes, [...]

Pre-Workout Apple Beet Carrot Energizer Juice Recipe

This twist on the classic A-B-C juice (apple-beet-carrot) is designed to fuel your workout, hike or run. The ingredients have many health benefits, but here is how they will support your energy, endurance and hydration while you sweat it out, step it up or power on. Beet Juice for Endurance Beets contain nitrate which your [...]

How to Maintain Your Plant-Based Diet on Vacation

Eating a healthy plant-based diet when you are at home and in total control of your food is easy. But maintaining your healthy way of eating when traveling or on vacation presents some challenges. My husband and I just returned from a five-day getaway to Pensacola Beach, Florida. (We had planned on Maui, but due [...]

Beet Juice for Blood Pressure + Beet Juice Recipe

When it comes to a healthy heart and blood pressure, is beet juice or cooked beets better for you? It’s a good question. Years ago, researchers proved that beet juice increases athletic endurance. It does this by increasing the level of nitric oxide (NO) in your blood, which increases blood flow, gas exchange, mitochondrial biogenesis [...]

Plant-Based Diet and COVID-19 Severity

Can a heart healthy plant-based diet lower the odds of getting seriously sick with COVID-19? Yes - by a landslide - according according to a new study published in MBJ Nutrition, Prevention and Health. The study included 2884 healthcare workers, mostly physicians and all with high exposure to patients with COVID-19, from six countries - [...]