Make it easy and delicious to create your own custom juicing routine. This user-friendly recipe guide features hundreds of different juices to try, along with plenty of tips, tricks and nutrition information to help ensure juicing success.

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“Who needs The Complete Juicing Recipe Book? Everyone! This beautiful book will upgrade anyone’s health, even mine. With juicing recipes for everything from reducing inflammation to boosting brain health, you’ll give your body more of what it needs to thrive.” ―Joel Kahn, MD, FACC, Author of The Plant Based Solution

“Stephanie’s gorgeous book is a big winner for those looking to enjoy delicious and healthy juices. These immune building blends really stand out from the traditional juice recipes out there. As a Juice Guru Certified Juice Therapist, Stephanie is a practitioner that knows exactly how to balance flavor with therapeutic value. Juice Guru Institute gives Stephanie a big thumbs up for this book.”–Steve Prussack, Founder of Juice Guru Institute

“Thanks to this book, I have a newfound appreciation for the benefits of juicing! I’ve always been a “smoothie girl” and didn’t quite know why juicing was so beneficial. It didn’t take long before the book explained the difference between the two fruit/veggie consumption options. For someone with digestive issues, I can definitely see how the soluble fiber In juicing will benefit me. I’m excited to try these great recipes!” – V. Francis

“What is juicing? Why juice? Stephanie answers both those questions, plus tells you how to get started juicing, from choosing the type of juicer to fit your needs, explaining the different types, to telling you when to buy your fruits and vegetables for the most flavor and nutrition, how to wash and prep your produce and how to store your juice. She has a section explaining what each fruit, vegetable and herbs and spices do for our body. The recipes have common, easy to find ingredients, which I appreciate. It’s divided into categories, such as Heart Health, Structure Support for building strong bones and connective tissue among other issues. Or maybe you just want to cleanse and detox. That’s in there too. A beautiful book. You can tell a ton of research went into this book. I would recommend this book for the beginners as well as the experienced juicer.” – Linda Gifford