This fresh detox juice blend includes sulfur-rich watercress and radishes to assist your body’s detoxification processes.

Don’t let watercress’ delicateness fool you. In addition to its anti-cancer and antioxidant properties, it’s a powerful detoxifying aid. Paired with its cruciferous radish relative, this juice packs a 1-2 punch against oxidative stress.

How does this juice help your body eliminate toxins?

Sulfur is required for Glutathione production, your body’s primary antioxidant. Most of your Glutathione is produced by your liver. If you don’t get enough sulfur, your liver will have a difficult time producing Glutathione and removing toxins from your body.

Sulfur can bind heavy metals like mercury, barium and aluminum so your body can eliminate them.

Without sulfur, the body cannot properly detoxify the myriad of toxins we encounter on a daily basis from our environment, diet, and pharmaceutical drugs.

How does it taste? This blend is surprisingly delicious. The sweet red grapes, fresh mint and lemon completely mask the taste of the sulfur-rich veggies.

Include this juice and the Purifying Beet Radish Celery Juice in your next juice cleanse to support your body’s elimination of toxins. It is also an excellent addition to your daily juice habit.

Watercress Radish Detox Juice Ingredients

Sweet Sulfur Detox Juice

Makes about 16 oz. 

3 medium radishes
½ bunch watercress
3 leaves romaine lettuce (or 1/2 a Little Gem lettuce)
1 medium lemon
¼ cup fresh mint leaves
1” ginger
2 cups red grapes
½ large cucumber


Cut the produce to fit your juicer. Alternate ingredients, finishing with cucumber. Enjoy!

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*Recipe slightly adapted from Balanced Raw. (Affliate link)