A growing number of individuals are adopting a whole food, plant-based lifestyle. The effectiveness of this way of eating to prevent and reverse chronic conditions and achieve a healthy body and weight – without drugs and their unwanted side-effects – is nothing short of amazing. 

Some people make the transition to a plant-based diet practically overnight. Other people transition slowly.

Then there are some that experience overwhelm, and their initial excitement is derailed into inaction.   

Often, this is because they start thinking about ALL of the changes they need to make (before making them.)  

  • How will I enjoy my coffee without half and half?
  • I LOVE cheese! How will I ever give it up?
  • Eggs are my favorite thing for breakfast, now what?
  • How will I get my protein without meat?
  • I don’t know what to cook!
  • What if I don’t like the food?
  • My family won’t eat vegan meals . . .

Feeling overwhelmed yet?


If this has happened to you, here’s how to overcome overwhelm, and make some real strides toward a whole food, plant-based lifestyle. (It’s worth every effort!)

1) stop thinking about it all, 2) pick one thing to do or explore, and 3) do it with the right mindset.

What is that topmost thing that is stopping you from making the transition you want to make for your very important health? Is it giving up dairy? Eggs? Meat? 

Then notice any negative thinking around that transition. What words are you using? If you are dreading “giving it up,” replace that with “trying something new.”

Going plant-based can be interesting, rewarding, and even fun –
if you decide it will be interesting, rewarding or fun.   

How you approach this transition is everything.

Okay, so let’s say you really like eggs, and are worried about “giving them up.”

Instead, say “I wonder what a tofu scramble tastes like.” Then learn to make a really good tofu scramble. Try different recipes.

Keep exploring breakfast options until you find non-egg plant-based meals that you love.

Then, move on to the next thing. The very next ONE thing you want to replace or try.

Maybe you love half n half in your coffee, and dread “giving it up.” (This can be a big one! That tablespoon of half n half in my coffee was the very last source of dairy that I eventually eliminated.) 

So you decide to explore the vast and growing number of non-dairy creamers made from nuts and plants.  

You keep trying new ones until you find the one that is “close enough,” and then use that creamer for 2 weeks. It takes time for your taste buds to adjust, and eventually they do. (Remember when you switched from whole milk to 2%? Or 2% to skim?)

(My current favorite coffee creamer, by the way, is Califia Farms Unsweetened Almondmilk Creamer.)

Now that you’re enjoying your new breakfasts and coffee, what’s next?

You get the idea. To get out of overwhelm and into action, pick the very first thing you want to switch out or explore, and do that with the right mindset. 

Overhauling your way of eating is a major change. But it can be a delicious, enjoyable and fun experience!

Clients in my Juicy Plant-Based KickStart Program transition to a whole food, plant-based lifestyle over a 6-week period. Enough time to make gradual changes, yet short enough to really feel the results.

Because it’s the results that keep you going.

  • When you wake up and realize your body no longer hurts.
  • When you experience easy and complete bowel movements that leave you feeling lighter.
  • When you weigh yourself and see sustainable weight loss without going hungry or calorie counting.
  • When your adult acne goes away and you have beautiful, radiant skin.
  • When your stomach no longer hurts after a meal.
  • When you enjoy energy throughout your day.
  • When your doctor smiles at your lab results.

That’s when you create momentum, and the changes start to feel easier and easier.

Before you know it you’re an energized, happier and healthier version of YOU. And you know it was worth every effort!

If you have been trying to go plant-based on your own, and you feel you could use some support, click here to book a complimentary call with me. We’ll discuss your goals and challenges, and figure out a way around those obstacles. Because your health is worth it!

Have you overcome overwhelm when making dietary changes? If so, share your wisdom in the comments below.