I love a good health transformation story.

But I only watched a few episodes of The Biggest Loser. While the contestants’ weight loss was amazing, they were being encouraged to work out like crazy to achieve it.

Eight hours a day in the gym, 6 days a week, 1200 calories. They were working so hard!

I knew it didn’t have to be that way. The message – you have to work out A LOT to lose weight – just isn’t correct if you eat a nourishing and satisfying whole food, plant-based diet.

Now, the creator of The Biggest Loser, JD Roth, has learned this truth. He is sharing his newfound knowledge of the power of a plant-based diet for weight loss and disease reversal in his new show, The Big Fat Truth, airing on Z Living Network.

Each of the six episodes follows a different group of people on a 90-day plant-based journey.

Episode 1 – The Biggest Losers Win Big

In the first episode, JD Roth works with 6 previous contestants of The Biggest Loser that had all regained their weight, and then some.

He wanted to challenge the notion that their weight rebound was due to their “slow metabolism,” as claimed by an article published in Time magazine.

Did they regain all that hard won weight loss because their bodies wanted to be heavier? Or were they just making bad food choices?

More importantly, could they lose the weight in a healthier, more sustainable way with a plant-based diet?

When the group got the news that they were going to be eating plant-based, they didn’t look so thrilled.

But they took home their 10-day starter pack of prepared meals, and began their 90-day journey.

After just 10 days of eating this way, they were all grinning like Cheshire cats. In addition to losing weight, they had dramatically improved their blood sugar and cholesterol scores.

And they felt good.

“I feel amazing.”

“I get home from 12 hours of work, and I have energy!”

“We’re happier!”

Several of them stated that they felt better losing weight on this diet than when they lost weight on The Biggest Loser. And the realization that they could lose significant amounts of weight without feeling hungry or spending all day in the gym was a welcome relief.

By the end of their 90 days of eating plant-based, the results are fabulous.

A standout example from the episode is Curtis Bray.  He lost 95 pounds on The Biggest Loser – and regained 175. Ouch.

On The Big Fat Truth, he loses 107 pounds in 90 days! And his insulin level dropped from 41.1 MLU to 18.0 MLU in just 10 days!

When he first learned there would be no meat, dairy or eggs, he thought he was “doomed.”

He now says that he has tried every diet plan imaginable, and “it’s like I can’t go wrong with plant-based.”

He says, “You need to do it now. The urgency is now.”

Your health is too important to put off making this change.

Click here to watch the first episode online for free.

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Episode 2 – Teachers Get Schooled

I think I enjoyed the second episode even better than the first.

JD Roth takes 5 teachers on their 90-day plant-based journey. In addition to sharing their weight loss and cholesterol improvements (45 points! 70 points! In 10 days!) they address emotional and social issues that can make it difficult to stick with a new plan, like co-dependency, eating for comfort, social occasions, growing up thinking you need meat, not knowing what to cook, and the need to build new cooking and coping skills.

Click here to watch the second episode online for free.

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The big fat truth is that dynamic health is within your reach. You are not doomed by your genes and family history of heart disease, type 2 diabetes or hypertension. You can take control of your health with the power of a plant-based diet.

If you are inspired to give plant-based eating a try, I invite you to book your free 30-minute health consultation with me. We’ll discuss your goals and challenges, and devise a plan that will help you create your own amazing transformation, whether it be lowering your cholesterol quickly, normalizing your blood sugar, losing weight without exercising your heart out, and/or getting your blood pressure under control.

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