Pre-Workout Apple Beet Carrot Energizer Juice Recipe

This twist on the classic A-B-C juice (apple-beet-carrot) is designed to fuel your workout, hike or run. The ingredients have many health benefits, but here is how they will support your energy, endurance and hydration while you sweat it out, step it up or power on. Beet Juice for Endurance Beets contain nitrate which your [...]

Carrot Juice for Sunburn Protection and a Natural “Tan”

Enjoying more time outdoors but want to avoid a sunburn? Fortunately, carrot juice can help reduce your risk of sunburn and help you get a healthy “tan.” Slathering on a safe, effective sunscreen is an important first step. But remembering to reapply often can be hard. And if you are fair skinned and must be [...]