Heart Healthy Gingered Swiss Apple Juice

Swiss chard is a mineral-rich, mild-tasting leafy green vegetable with many health benefits. It grows easily and does especially well in the cooler Spring and Fall weather. I love walking into my backyard and harvesting a handful of those large, red-veined, glossy dark green leaves with beautiful red stalks for a juice. The delicious, gingery [...]

Celery Fennel Refresher Green Juice Recipe

This refreshing and hydrating light green juice recipe is the perfect combination of salty, sweet and tart vegetables and fruit. It includes celery, fennel, cucumber and green apple. Celery juice contributes a slightly salty flavor profile due to its natural sodium content that promotes the healthy functioning of cells. Its anti-inflammatory compounds are soothing to [...]

Do You Have to Drink Plain Celery Juice?

The humble vegetable usually left behind on the veggie tray or ignored on a plate of wings has suddenly become a celebrity. People everywhere are now drinking celery juice every morning – 16 oz. of it on an empty stomach. Many people love plain celery juice. Others find it intolerable, reporting nausea and other discomforts. [...]