Don’t Be Duped – General Mills Cherrios Protein

In June, General Mills finally caved to mounting consumer pressure and agreed to remove artificial flavors and food dyes from their breakfast cereals over the next two to three years. Children cheered and moms everywhere breathed a sigh of relief – one less thing to worry about. While I am glad to hear they are [...]

Why It’s Time to Knock the Halo Off of Protein

Americans are obsessed with protein.  We worry if we are "getting enough.”  And if we start to reduce our meat intake in favor of more vegetables and grains, we really worry we’re not getting enough. Because “carbs” are perceived as bad, food companies proudly tout the grams of protein on their highly-processed breakfast cereals and [...]

Are Deadly Trans Fats Still Sneaking Into Your Diet?

It is a known fact that trans fatty acids, commonly referred to as “trans fats,” are deadly, even at low levels.  Industrially produced partially hydrogenated vegetable oils are the most common source of trans fats in a typical diet. Once thought to be a better alternative to saturated fat, trans fats began to be used [...]

Ditch the Kit and Upgrade Your Tacos

I don’t spend much time on the inner aisles of the grocery store any more.  You know the aisles I’m talking about, the ones displaying an army of boxes full of nutrient stripped, highly processed food containing preservatives, chemicals, trans fats and genetically modified ingredients. One of the items I used to reach for regularly [...]