Fast Food’s Impact on School Kids’ Grades

If you have a school-age child, you are likely doing much to help them succeed. You read with them, double check their homework, and offer emotional support. You attend parent-teacher conferences and review grades and test scores. You don’t want your child to just “pass” to the next grade. You want your child to excel [...]

What to Do When Your Child Wants to Be Vegan

As children learn and grow, they discover wonderful new things, like the solar system and DNA.  But they also have to learn difficult subjects, like slavery and global warming.  And as their understanding of the world grows, their knowledge influences their identity and decisions. This includes their food and lifestyle choices. My son, now 12, [...]

New Restaurant “Kids LiveWell” Initiative Puts Healthier Options on Menus

Today the National Restaurant Association announced the new “Kids LiveWell” nationwide program that makes new healthier kid’s menu options available on many restaurant menus.  Burger King, Chili’s, and Outback Steakhouse along with 16 other brands have climbed on board. Read More