The Low Mood Food Connection

Does food affect your mood?  If you have ever been out shopping on a busy Saturday, running errands much later than you expected, and your mega-caffeinated beverage of choice wears off leaving you wandering store aisles – tired, foggy and grumpy – then you know the answer is a definite YES! [...]

Boost Your Immunity with Vitamin A

You know the telltale signs.  That scratchy throat, increased fatigue or congestion that tells you that a cold is coming.  A week of general crumminess feels inevitable.  But as a health coach, I am always looking for ways to beat the odds with healthy eating. You can take charge and circumvent, or [...]

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Vitamin D – A Healthy Diet Does It

Search the internet, and you will find countless websites touting the miracles of megadoses of vitamin D.  Sales of vitamin D have skyrocketed from $40 million in 2001 to $425 million in 2009.  Why the surge?  Over the past few years, much has been made of some studies that appeared to link [...]

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