Roasted Fennel with Beans and Greens

Fennel bulb, sometimes called anise, sitting on the grocer’s shelf, is pale and unbecoming.  Seasoned and roasted to golden perfection in a hot oven, it’s delicious.  If you’ve been skipping this funny looking vegetable with frilly green fronds, you’ll want to add it to your basket and give it a try. In addition to being [...]

3 Delicious Recipes to Enjoy Summer’s End

The sun’s up a little later.  The nights are a little cooler.  The garden is churning out the last rounds of yellow squash, zucchini and cucumber.  And the heirloom tomato plants are so heavy with ripening lusciousness that they have nearly toppled over. What to do with all of this abundance? I hate it when [...]

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Kamut with Roasted Butternut Squash

After reading about Kamut®, the trademarked, giant, high-energy, ancient khorosan wheat from Egypt (maybe even found in a pharoah’s tomb,) I just had to try it. I found a bag in the packaged bulk grain aisle at my local organic grocery store. The grains looked like large golden rice, and the package said [...]

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Healthy, Heavenly Parsnips

I have discovered a new and unexpected food to love.  It is slender and pale, and absolutely uninspiring to look upon.  But once sauteed or roasted to golden perfection it is heavenly. My newfound vegetable love is the parsnip. […]

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