Raw Chocolate Cherry Smoothie

This delicious, chocolate smoothie is a guilt-free indulgence.  Banana and organic cherries provide natural sweetness.  Maca is a terrific adaptogen, helping balance hormones and improve mood and energy. Plant-based protein powder helps you stay fuller longer. The coconut milk provides medium-chain fatty acids for energy. Raw cacao, possibly the highest source of antioxidants and magnesium [...]

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Don’t Ruin Your Smoothie with This Common Ingredient

My family loves smoothies.  My son takes a big plant protein and fruit smoothie to school almost every day for lunch (which leaves more time to get outside and kick the soccer ball around!) My husband enjoys an occasional tropical fruit smoothie as a mid-morning snack or quick weekend breakfast. Berry smoothies are my personal [...]

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6 Health Benefits of Smoothies

If you’ve been following the posts on Facebook, then you know I’ve been giving my new Ninja blender a workout.  Fruit and vegetable smoothies are a delicious way to add raw foods to your diet.  By slurping down just one nutritious smoothie a day, you are more likely to be getting the [...]

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On Hot Summer Days, Cooling Smoothies, and Blenders

The dog days of summer are definitely here.  Yes, even here on the Colorado Front Range, the daily temps are near 100, and the mile high elevation makes the daytime sun intense.   Grilling and barbequing are out of the question, and it’s time to give the oven and stovetop a break.   With [...]

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