End of Summer Skillet Vegetable Salad

Toward the end of summer, when the days are still hot and farm fresh vegetables are abundant, a healthy dinner can be fast and easy. I love this skillet salad. Chopped and diced fresh vegetables are quickly seared in a smokin’ hot cast iron skillet, then tossed with a cilantro-lime dressing. By adding a can [...]

Kale Fattoush with Feta and Kidney Beans

What can you do with limp kale and pita bread that’s past its prime?  Make a delicious lunch or light dinner, of course! Fattoush is an Arabic bread salad that makes good use of common fresh vegetables and stale or toasted flatbread.  The main ingredients usually include lettuce, cucumber, radishes, tomatoes, onion, mint and toasted [...]

Marinated Thai Steak Salad

When warmer weather arrives, I gravitate to cool, crunchy salads.  I love this one, because it uses healthy red cabbage instead of lettuce.   Cabbage is probably one of the most important vegetables to add to your diet. Its anti-cancer phytochemicals likely protect against breast cancer and environmental carcinogens.  Red cabbage’s purple color [...]

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