Tofu Scramble Rancheros

Several years ago, when I was out of town at a health coaching conference, I ordered a tofu scramble for breakfast at the restaurant near my hotel. I was not impressed. It was yellow like eggs, but the taste was bland and the texture mushy. Not like eggs at all. I continued to ignore the [...]

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Orange Pancakes with Maple-Cranberry Syrup

When fresh cranberries hit the grocery store shelves, I stock up. I love that tart pop of flavor, the perfect counterpoint to the sweet in baked goods. I often add cranberries to banana muffins and pancakes. Here is a delicious recipe that combines health promoting cranberries with real, maple syrup. The cranberries do a good [...]

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Cinnamon Apple Oatmeal

Oatmeal is a breakfast favorite at our house.  I serve it at least once a week, and up to 3 times a week during winter.  I most often use organic, rolled oats, as they are quick to prepare.  I often add grated apple, raisins, chopped pecans or sliced bananas.   Oats can even be eaten raw, [...]

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Blueberry Whole Wheat Kefir Waffles

Last weekend, with a container of fresh blueberries and an unexpected half-hour on hand, I decided to revamp a blueberry waffle recipe to make it healthier.  What I hadn’t expected is that they turned out to be off-the-chart scrumptiously delicious – way better than the original. Bake up a batch this weekend.  [...]

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6 (Serious) Health Benefits of Cinnamon

Cinnamon . . . there’s no mistaking its beckoning aroma, the one that tickles your nose and makes your stomach growl for apple pie.  But did you know that while this lovely spice is tantalizing your taste buds, it is also doing some real and serious work inside you?    […]

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